Nevado del Ruiz , Colombia: Remember Armero.

Nevado del Ruiz , Colombia: Remember Armero.

November 13, 1985.

Omayra Sánchez se convirtió en el símbolo de la avalancha que sepultó a Armero porque durante 60 horas se resistió a la muerte, a pesar de estar atrapada entre ruinas y cadáveres.Ministers, deputies, local representatives, the authorities knew several months earlier, a tragedy would happen in Armero. With nearly a year in advance, geologists experts had warned of the possibility of an avalanche following the activity of Nevado del Ruiz volcano. The issue had been discussed in Congress, with studies in hand, and even published in national newspapers, two months before the impending catastrophe. However, no authority has given the order to evacuate and thus on November 13, 1985, occurred the worst natural tragedy in Colombia.

On that night, the volcano Nevado del Ruiz, after months spewing ash, gas, materials and hot air has trapped melted snow and produced a flood of water, rocks, debris and mud that slid down about 60 kilometers per hour the Lagunilla river , at 11 p. m. This flood has happened in this booming city, the second largest in district of Tolima, inhabited by 40,000 people.

The power of the flood buried 25,000 people, surprises sleeping in their homes. One of the victims was the mayor, « Moncho ‘Ramon Antonio Rodriguez, who every day had repeated that the volcano was a » time bomb « and together with community leaders, tried to demonstrate to the national and departmental governments , the danger .

The avalanche swept away 4,200 houses, destroyed 20 bridges and destroyed all life. Nothing was spared. 15,000 inhabitants survived.

November 14, 2015. Nevado del Ruiz , Colombia:

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