Poas, Costa Rica : Three phreatic eruptions of low energy,

Poas, Costa Rica : Three phreatic eruptions of low energy,

Activity report of the Poas volcano

Three phreatic eruptions of low energy, June 19, 2016, updated at 6:00 AM.

This Sunday, June 19, 2016, in the morning took place 3 small phreatic eruptions in the lake ultraacide of the volcano Poas , at 6:03 p.m. and 18h03..
The ground ejecta columns on the lake (water, sediment, molten sulfur and fragments of altered rocks) are of small height, not exceeding 50 m.
The seismograph network of OVSICORI-A, which monitors seismic activity of the volcano Poas, clearly recorded three seismic signals associated with these small phreatic eruptions of very short duration .

The Poas Volcano has shown since the beginning of April 2016 an increase in water vapor emission, gas and heat magma mainly by the lake, and several phreatic eruptions so far of small height ( maximum 100 m). Following the increase in vapor transport and gas from the magmatic hydrothermal system underlying the crater, there is the fact that the lake is milky gray color, with vigorous convection, evaporation and the abundance of molten sulfur on its surface. The actual temperature of the acid lake is approximately 50 degrees Celsius. In addition, in June 2016, it was recorded earthquakes VT (volcano-tectonic) near the Poas Volcano.

The OVSICORI-A will issue reports on the activity of Poas Volcano every time changes or relevant events will be recorded to inform the public, authorities and entities.


Phreatic eruption: Explosion of vapour and gas due to the sudden interaction between hot water or between water, magma and rock.
VT earthquakes: high frequency earthquakes that occur beneath the volcanoes at depths of 1-10 km depth and is associated with stress or rupture of the rock by the pressure exerted by fluids (water, liquids, or magma) .


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June 21 , 2016.Poas, Costa Rica :

Source: OVSICORI-A Heredia Costa Rica

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