Popocatepetl, Mexico : 72 low-intensity exhalations.

Popocatepetl, Mexico : 72 low-intensity exhalations.

November 7, 11:00 h (November 7, 17:00 GMT)

In the last 24 hours the seismic records of the monitoring system at Popocatepetl volcano registered 72 low-intensity exhalations. Besides, were registered 5 low-to-moderate intensity explosions, yesterday at 20:30, today at 03:22 h , 03:40 h, 04:02 h and 04:09 h. Adittionally were recorded 23 minutes of tremor.
Overnight was observed incandescence above to the volcano, which increased with some exhalations .

At the time of this report, it was no possible to observed the volcano but, very early was observed a light emission to the northeast side .
CENAPRED emphasizes that people SHOULD NOT go near the volcano, especially near the crater, due to the hazard caused by ballistic fragments .
This type of activity is included within the scenarios Volcanic Traffic Light Yellow Phase 2.


November 08, 2015. Popocatepetl, Mexico :

Source : Cenapred

Photo : Karel Del Angel.

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