Reventador, Ecuador : The volcano showed strong activity.

Reventador, Ecuador : The volcano showed strong activity.


The volcano showed strong activity continues, with the presence of blasts. During the afternoon and yesterday evening, several explosions were observed with water vapor columns of gas and ash that reached 500 m above the crater and derived west.

Technical and observations Annex

Seismicity: 28 long period events (LP), 30 explosions, 10 harmonic and 12 tremors and 12 tremors emission (TE) were recorded.

Observations, emissions and ash: During the afternoon and into the evening of yesterday were observed between clouds , ash emissions to the west at a height of 500 m above the crater. In the morning, the volcano has been observed while a few breaks between clouds , with an emission of ash from a height of 100 m.

Rains and lahars: No rain was not reported.

Saturday, September 5, 2015. : Reventador, Ecuador :

Source : IGEPN

Photo : IGEPN ( 05/2015 ).

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