Sabancaya , Perou : tremor events have dramatically increased in number.

Sabancaya , Perou : tremor events have dramatically increased in number.

The LP type of seismicity (associated with the passage of fluids), during this period decreased from an average of 13 LP / day; second, their energy is kept low.
During this period there is no hybrid events (associated with the rise of magma material).
The VTPS events or « proximal volcano tectonic » (very close to the volcano, less than 6 km) have increased significantly in number. Meanwhile, their magnitude experienced a moderate increase. VTPS 19 / day recorded in this period (in Report No. 01-2016, 08 VTPS / day were recorded). On January 10, 02 events were recorded with a magnitude of 3.0 ml at 10h03 p.m. and 10h07 p.m. UTC.
During this period, the type of tremor events have dramatically increased in number compared to the previous period (Report No. 01-2016, an average of 07 TRE / day), with the recording of an average of 14 TRE / day; however , their energy continues to remain at very low levels.

The recording of such VT events (associated with rock fracturing) during this period, continues to be very close to the Sabancaya area, forming two seismic foci. The first home is located less than 6 km towards North-East of the crater; while the second focus (small group) is located 14 km northeast of the crater.
42 VTP events (called proximals) located within 6 km radius, mainly on North-Eastern Sabancaya the crater were recorded. Among them, two earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 ml at a depth of 7 km and 10 km, about, registered on December 10, 2015 at 10h02 p.m. and 10h07 p.m. hours UTC, respectively, stand out. These events have been located at a distance of 3 to 4 km towards north – east of the crater
Seismicity VTD (distal seismicity) totaled 54 events and is distributed mainly in the North – East of the crater of the volcano; an event of magnitude 4.0 ML, meaningful, recorded on January 10, 2016 at 8h43 p.m. UTC and a depth of about 6 km was declared felt by residents in Pinchollo but caused no damage.

Fumarolic Activity :
• Frequency: The emissions of water vapor continue to be expelled from the Sabancaya steadily. Bluish gas, meanwhile, been sporadically observed in this period.
• Color: Mainly, these emissions are whitish (water vapor), which is characteristic for several months. This week, a bluish gas appeared sporadically at different times of the day.
• Height: The gases expelled by the volcano’s crater had a height of between 700 and 1700 meters. It should be noted that in this period (January 5-January 11) abundant clouds covered the volcano for several hours.

Anomalies of SO2: The GSDM NASA satellite–system « EOS Aura« (Http:// did not record any material anomaly in density of SO2 during this period.

January 17, 2016. Sabancaya , Perou :

Source : IGP

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