Sabancaya , Peru : 401 events was localised , forming a pronounced focus .

Sabancaya , Peru :  401 events  was localised , forming a pronounced focus .

The recording of LP type earthquakes (associated with a fluid passage) shows a slight increase in average from a rate of 14 LP / day (Report No. 8-2016) to 19 LP / day during this week, while maintaining low power.
No hybrid type of event (associated with the ascent of magmatic material) for that period.
The type of VTPS earthquakes (proximal-Tectonic Volcano, distant less than 6 km from the crater), for the second week declined and recorded a similar rate to the previous week (6 VTP / day) on average. Meanwhile, the VTD events (distal-Volcano Tectonic) remain numerous, although they decreased in amplitude compared to last week.

Tremor type of events (TRE) recorded in this period remained similar to those recorded last week (18 TRE / day) on average. In addition, a slight decrease was observed in the last two days of this period. On the other hand, energy remains at low levels.
Earthquakes are distributed primarily located in the Northeast region, 13 km from the volcano’s crater.

9 VTP events (called proximal) were located in a smaller radius, 6 km. These earthquakes were dispersed manner , distributed without showing any group defined. From these VTP events , an important event was highlighted with a magnitude of 3.3 ML, registered on February 27 at 19:21 hours UTC, with a depth of 18 km under the volcano.

Seismicity VTD (distal seismicity) reached a total of 401 events and was distributed by forming a pronounced focus on the Northeast area of ??the volcano’s crater. Three events of M4.2 magnitude , M3.9 and M3.6 are distinguished; the first event was recorded on February 28 at 14:50 UTC, the second, on February 24 at 18:01 UTC and the third on February 23 at 1:54 p.m. UTC, at depths ranging from 11 km to 13 km.

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Fumarolic activity:

• Frequency: During the passages of greater visibility , there was noted the steam fumaroles expulsion with low to medium densities. Cloud cover prevented during much of this period better and complete view of the volcano.
• Colour: persisted since the early white fumaroles on Sabancaya.
• Height: Regarding the maximum height of emissions observed during this period (February 23 to 29), they ranged from 600 to 800 meters above the base of the crater.

Satellite Surveillance:

SO2 anomalies: The satellite system GSDM-NASA “EOS Aura” (Http:// shows no significant density values of SO2.
Thermal anomalies: The Mirova system ( has not detected by thermal anomalies in the reporting period.

March 04 , 2016. Sabancaya , Peru :

Source : IGP.

Photos : Jarek Zarczynski , La Republica.

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