Sabancaya, Peru : sporadic emissions bluish (magmatic gases).

Sabancaya, Peru : sporadic emissions bluish (magmatic gases).

The type of seismicity VTP or volcano-tectonic proximal (less than 6 km from the crater of the volcano Sabancaya) persists but in smaller numbers, reaching an average of 27 / day, showing a peak on September 1. It was recorded three important events, two events of M 3.0 on September 5 and one event of M 3.1 on September 6th.
The number of hybrid events during this period decreased, reaching an average of 3 HIB / day; while the energy remains low.

The LP type earthquakes rate (long period) increased from 53 LP / day (Nº35-2015 Report) to 57 LP / day in the period; while the energy was low.
The Tremor type events in this period increased, registering a slightly higher than the previous period average is 8 tremors / day, for 5 tremors / days earlier.
The maximum height of fumaroles increased by reference to the previous report, reaching 800-1400 m above the crater. One could discern whitish gas emissions (water vapor) and sporadic emissions bluish (magmatic gases).
Satellite monitoring of the density of SO2 emissions and thermal anomaly, showed no significant increase.

September 09, 2015. Sabancaya, Peru :

Source : IGP Perou

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