Sabancaya, Peru : The seismicity increased sharply .

Sabancaya, Peru : The seismicity increased sharply .

The seismicity VTP type or volcano-tectonic proximal (less than 6 km from the crater) increased sharply reaching an average of 109 VTP / day, with a significant peak on August 28, and also an event of magnitude M 4.8 occurred on the same day . The proximal VTP seismicity appears to have approached the crater area in large numbers and with significant amounts.

The number of hybrid-type events in this period was stable, reaching an average of 5 HIB / day; while energy showed a significant peak of 4145 MJ on August 31

LP earthquakes rate has decreased from 71 LP / day ( Report Nº33-2015) to 57 LP / day in the period; while its energy is low. In this period, the tremors type events have decreased from 11 Tremor / day to an average of 5 Tremor / day, while the energy remains low.

The maximum height of fumaroles decreased slightly from the previous period (1200 m). We could discern whitish gas (water vapor) and sporadic emissions bluish (magmatic gases). It has not been registered thermal anomalies, or significant variation in the density of SO2 emissions.

September 02, 2015. Sabancaya, Peru :

Source : IGP Perou.

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