San Miguel ( Chaparrastique) , El Salvador : seismic signals at San Miguel increased,

San Miguel ( Chaparrastique) , El Salvador : seismic signals at San Miguel increased,

SNET reported that between 13h04 and 14h30 on 31 May seismic signals at San Miguel increased, and indicated rock fracturing at depth and possible gas-and-ash emissions. Though weather clouds partially covered the volcano, the webcam recorded some pulses of gas emissions. Seismicity decreased the next day.

Special Report No. 3
The Chaparrastique volcano presents a significant decrease in seismic vibrations

Date and time of publication: 06/08/2016 10:30:00

Since 10h00 Monday, June 6, the values of the energy of the seismic tremor of Chaparrastique volcano began a downward trend and remained fluctuating between 55 and 58 units RSAM. In the last 24 hours seismic vibrations fluctuated between 44 and 64 units RSAM hour on average, with an average of 57 units, the maximum threshold of normal behavior RSAM is 150 units.

Captured by the webcam installed on the hill El Pacayal, weather images show cloud cover that prevents to observe the crater.
Data show that the internal system of the volcano returned to a new stage of relaxation. However, the behavior of volcanic activity that showed the Chaparrastique above indicates that these relaxation periods are usually followed by drastic changes in some occasions, ended with low ash emissions or periods of strong degassing, this being the typical behavior of an active volcano.

MARN continues its enhanced surveillance, maintains close communication with the General Directorate of Civil Protection and local observers.
MARN invites journalists and people not to approach the summit of the volcano, because of the degree of danger it presents.


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June 09 , 2016. San Miguel ( Chaparrastique) , El Salvador :

13.434°N, 88.269°W
Elevation 2130 m


Source : GVP , Marn.

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