Sangay , Ecuador : constant tremor, interspersed with explosions .

Sangay , Ecuador : constant tremor, interspersed with explosions .

New constant tremor on the volcano. ( news from March 17, 2016.)

Since 5 March this year, began a new episode of activity on the Sangay volcano with the presence of sporadic seismic events, as reported in reports 1 and 2, published on 9 and 15 March, respectively.

As of March 11, an increase of explosions, with data recorded up to this afternoon, is observed. In addition, from 04:00 today, it was noticed the presence of a constant tremor, interspersed with explosions, which took its greatest intensity until 13:00 and then began to gradually decline.

Neither today nor in the previous days, the volcano could be observed, as it remained covered with clouds. However, it has not received reports or observed ash falls in the surrounding towns of the volcano or in the Riobamba region, which is the place to leeward.
Because the seismic activity there is still a clear need to keep the attention of the volcano and take precautionary measures such as the recommendation not to climb the volcano during this period.

March 23, 2016.Sangay , Ecuador :

Source : SH, EV, HY, MR
Geophysical Institute
Ecole nationale polytechnique

Photo : Leonardo Parrini.

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