Santiaguito , Guatemala : collapse of Caliente dome.

Santiaguito , Guatemala : collapse of Caliente dome.

Guatemala, March 8, 2016, (13:00 local time)

Activity type : Pelean.
Morphology : dacitic dome complex.
Location Geographical: 14 ° 44’33 “N Latitude 91 ° 34’13” West Longitude.
Elevation: 2500m

The Observatory of the Santiaguito volcano reporte moderate explosion that generated the collapse of Caliente dome causing descent of pyroclastic flows on the side North-East of the Santiaguito volcano. This explosion also generated thick plumes of ash that covered the completely volcanic complex.

The ash column reached an altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level and moves in the North-East direction from the volcano. It is possible that ash falls occur in the areas of Quetzaltenango , St. Mark Palajunoj and, because of the wind direction, they are likely to spread to the flank South East of the volcano.
This activity Santiaguito volcano will continue to generate such events during the next hours.

Therefore, INSIVUMEH recommends:
At the CON RED, to take precautions, especially in areas near the volcanic complex because of ash fall.
At DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL AVIATION, take precautions with the air traffic because of the ash cloud, which moves in the direction of the North-East at a height of 4000 meters.

March 10, 2016. Santiaguito , Guatemala :

Source : Insivumeh

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