Santiaguito , Guatemala : Explosion with pyroclastic flows.

Santiaguito , Guatemala : Explosion with pyroclastic flows.

Explosion with pyroclastic flows.

As was said in the previous report, the Santiaguito volcano keeps explosive activity, that with enough energy.
Today at 8:04 and 9:18, the Stg3 seismic station recorded two strong explosions that raised a cloud of ash mushroom at an approximate height of 5000 meters above sea level, which is dispersed to West South-West of the volcanic complex and reached a distance of 40 Km.
These explosions generate pyroclastic flows on the flanks of the dome to the east, south and west, in the rivers San Isidro and Cabello de Angel , with a length of ~ 2 km.

Fall of ash particles (~ 1 mm) in El Nuevo Palmar, San Felipe Retalhuleu, Aldeas Las Marias, Loma Linda, San Marcos Palajunoj Finca El Faro, La Florida, Patzulin El Patrocino and others are reported. There is a possibility that the ash remains dispersed in the environment and continues to fall in the coming hours.

Therefore, the INSIVUMEH recommends:
Considering that the activity of Santiaguito continues in a very dangerous line, do not exclude the occurrence of similar events of magnitude or more. It is therefore necessary that they deem appropriate precautions must be taken.
At the Ministry of Health:
Note that the Loma Linda and San Marcos Palajunoj villages are the most affected by the ash fall, which can cause respiratory and eye problems. And in places where they are sporadic.
At the Directorate General of Civil Aviation:
Take precautions with air traffic, explosions raise the column of ash to a height of about 5000 meters above sea level, there are ashes scattered in the atmosphere over a distance of ~ 40 km west, southwest and south of the volcanic perimeter, which can reach a greater distance. Do not rule out changes in the wind profile.

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May 26, 2016.Santiaguito , Guatemala :

Activity type : Peléenne
Morphology: dacitic dome complex.
Geographical location: 14 ° 44 ’33 ? Latitude N 91 ° 34’13 W Longitude ?
Altitude: 2,500msnm.

Source : Insivumeh.

Photo : Emilie Poudroux

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