Santiaguito, Guatemala : phase of high and continuous activity.

Santiaguito, Guatemala : phase of high and continuous activity.

Guatemala April 15, 2016, 10:00 local time
Volcanological Special Bulletin
ERUPTION of Santiaguito Volcano with pyroclastic flows show.

Activity type : Peléenne
Morphology: Complex dacitic domes
Location geographic: 14 ° 44 ’33 ” North Latitude, 91 ° 34′ 13″ West Longitude.
Height: 2500m.

Santiaguito volcano, as reported through information bulletins , experiencing a phase of high and continuous activity. This morning at 8:25 am, a loud explosion was reported, generating pyroclastic flows southeast and west of Caliente dome. This activity generated by the collapse of the eastern and western edges of the crater, has raised a mushroom-shaped clouds of ash that reached 4,000 meters. This one has moved to the west and southwest, at a distance of 25 kilometers. It is estimated that due to the fine ash it could reach a greater distance, as happened in the previous days.
The abundant ash fell on the Finca. Monte Bello, Aldeas Loma Linda, San Marcos Palajunoj, Las Marias and perhaps in the hours that followed, on San Felipe, Retalhuleu and other areas.

Santiaguito has recorded several similar events during this month and is expected to generate such events or larger in the hours and \ or days to come. So we should not remain near the volcanic complex because it can generate other pyroclastic flows reaching the people.
Therefore, The INSIVUMEH recommends:

At CONRED: to take precautions on vigilance to implement it deems necessary , to take precautions with the air quality near the volcanic complex, mainly due to ash falls that can contaminate drinking water and cause respiratory problems.
At the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, to take precautions with air traffic because ash travel in West and South-West directions, at 4000 meters above sea level, with the potential to be transported over distances of 25 km.

April 16 , 2016. Santiaguito, Guatemala :


Source : Insivumeh.

Photo : Volcan Santiaguito

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