Santiaguito , Guatemala : presence of pyroclastic flows .

Santiaguito , Guatemala : presence of pyroclastic flows .

On the Santiaguito volcano during this day there was a continuation of the presence of pyroclastic flows and columns of explosions, with moderate levels of ash rising up to 4000 meters, and moving toward the southwest and east of the volcanic complex. They caused the falls of ash up to 13 kilometers, the distance being likely to extend. Ash fall was reported in the villages of San Marcos Palajunoj as well as to El Palmar, Calaguache and Santa Maria de Jesus. This activity maintains on the Southwest and Eastern a constant presence of ash following the described activity.

6 FEBRUARY 2016. Santiaguito volcano, located 115 kilometers from the capital of Guatemala, reported a loud explosion, that created a thick column of ash covering itself completely, reported the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conred) .
The bottom of the column was moving southwest toward the town of San Marcos, reaching 5,500 meters above sea level, the agency said. He added that they can produce ash falls on the town of Santa Maria de Jesus.
On January 16, the Santiaguito volcano, which reaches 2,550 meters above sea level, recorded two explosions. Next to Pacaya, in the southern department of Escuintla, the volcanoes Fuego and Santiaguito are the most active of the 32 in the Central American country.

February 07 , 2016 . Santiaguito , Guatemala :


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