Santiaguito , Guatemala : Strong explosion on the Santiaguito volcano.

Volcanological Special Bulletin

Strong explosion on the Santiaguito volcano

The period of activity of the Santiaguito volcano continues to generate strong explosions. Today was generated two powerful explosions, both with ash plumes that reached about 4900 m, which have moved to the Northeast, the Southeast and the Southwest, out at distances between 30 and 40 km, with the probability that the most fine ash, within a few hours, are transported further.

These explosions occurred without sound or rumbling.
The areas likely to be affected by ash falls are the villages of San Marcos and Loma Linda, Palajunoj , Finca El Faro, Patzulin , El Patrocinio, the cities of El Palmar, San Felipe, Las Marias and others in this zone.
This period of explosive activity of the Santiaguito volcano is one of the most violent in recent years.
So there is the possibility of generating more violent eruptions, as or greater than that of May 9, 2014.

Therefore, INSIVUMEH recommends:
Note that the activity of the Santiaguito volcano remains high, with the ability to generate similar or larger explosions. It is therefore necessary to take precautions deemed necessary and maintain the necessary vigilance.
At The Ministry of Health,
Note that the Loma Linda and San Marcos Palajujoj villages are the most affected by ash falls steadily, which can cause problems on the respiratory tract, stomach problems and affect the view of the people.

To take precautions with air traffic, as there is ash in the atmosphere over a distance of 30 kilometers to the Northeast, Southeast and Southwest of the volcanic perimeter, at an altitude of 4900 meters above the sea level, with the potential to be transported further.
Also take into account changes in the wind direction, because the ash can be transported in different directions over a greater distance


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June 02 , 2016. Santiaguito , Guatemala :

Activity type : Peléenne.
Morphology : Complex dacitic domes
Geographical location: 14 ° 44 ’33 “N Latitude 91 ° 34′ 13” W. Longitude
Height: 2500m.

Source : Insivumeh.

Photos : Volcan Santiaguito