Telica , Nicaragua : 30-minute of moderate-intensity explosions

Telica , Nicaragua : 30-minute of moderate-intensity explosions

INETER reported that a at Telica began at 0800 on 23 September. Abundant gas-and-ash emissions initially rose 400 m above the crater and drifted WNW, but then decreased to 50 m. Ashfall was reported in the community of Guanacastal. Explosions occurred at 16h45 and 16h48.

Scientists conducting fieldwork observed deposits on the crater floor from an inner-wall landslide that had occurred on 17 July, and new fumaroles on the crater floor. Five explosions were detected on 24 September. Based on wind and satellite data, the Washington VAAC reported that on 26 September ash plumes rose as high as 3.6 km (12,000 ft) a.s.l. and drifted W and N. During 28-29 September INETER noted that voluminous gas plumes rose from two vents on the crater floor.

October 03, 2015. Telica , Nicaragua :

12.602 ° N, 86,845 ° W

Elevation 1061 m

Sources: GVP , Instituto de Estudios Nicaragüense Territoriales (INETER), Washington Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC).
Photo : Webcam Télica / Sherine France.

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