Ticsani, Perou : maximum temperature recorded was 95 ° C .

Ticsani, Perou : maximum temperature recorded was 95 ° C .

Between 19 and 21 November, a group of specialists of the Observatorio Vulcanológico del Sur (OVS) ,from the Instituto Geofísico del Perú (IGP) , moved near the volcano Ticsani to carry out new measures of temperature on different emissions centers of volcanic fumaroles located on the volcano .
To perform this task, the Observatory had a professional temperature sensor Raytek , modern instrument for temperature measurements in real time. Note that the temperature measurements made in 2015 in the crater of Misti, Sabancaya and Ubinas had also used this equipment.

Thus, measurements were performed in eight fumaroles emission centers, located 1.5 km southeast of the recent dome of Ticsani . The maximum temperature recorded was 95 ° C . « Thermal monitoring performed on the Ticsani and other volcanoes allows us to identify changes in the hydrothermal system, which is sometimes altered by the emergence of a magma body under the surface, « said Dr. Orlando Macedo, director of the Observatory.
Since August 2015, the Ticsani is the fourth volcano monitoring in real time by the OVS, currently with a telemetry station on his recent dome. Project monitoring and surveillance of this massif includes the installation of three new telemetry stations that will be installed in the coming weeks.

November 28, 2015. Ticsani, Perou :

Source : OVS

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