Ticsani , Peru : 730 earthquakes of fracture .

Ticsani , Peru : 730 earthquakes of fracture .

The Tiscani volcano, located 8 km east of the city of Calacoa (Moquegua) is a stratovolcano whose principal characteristic is to present very large avalanches. In the vicinity of the volcano, scattered deposits are observed that indicate a possible major eruption phreatomagmatic, there are less than 400 years ,whose center (crater) contains the most recent dome. Currently , near the volcano Ticsani , there are hot springs and some geysers located west domes.
Today, a possible eruption of the volcano Ticsani is a potential danger for surrounding villages like Calacoa (8 km of the recent crater) Carumas (11 km), and others, located to the west within 12 km around the volcano, where more than 5,000 people live.
South Volcano Observatory (OVS) of the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP) followed seismic activity and behavior of the volcano Ticsani by a newly installed local telemetric network, which has been open since August 2015.

Vt type of events (fracturing rocks) had important values, with an increase compared to the previous period (Report No. 08-2015, 78 VT/ day). The average value observed was 219 VT / day, peaking up to 699 VT on January 14. During this period, about 11 seismic swarms, consisting of many events related to rock fracturing have occurred. Today, a maximum number of VT events (spin) was observed.
LP-type events related to fluid movement, remains low with 2 LP / day; However, on January 20, 11 events were observed. In general, this type of activity is not relevant.
The Tremor type earthquakes recorded a daily rate of 2.6 min / day. These events are sporadic. Usually they are of short duration and low amplitude.

The location of earthquakes fracture type, in January 2016 , was performed using the program Hypoellipse (Lahr, 1999), situating 730 earthquakes of fracture, all Grade A. Events are mainly distributed near the volcano Ticsani with magnitudes between 3.4 and 1 ML. In addition, four earthquakes are observed groups: one located 3 km northwest of the volcano, the second located 4 km south-east of the volcano, a third group 5 km east of the volcano and finally, a group not very pronounced, 10 km southeast of Ticsani. It must be noted that these earthquakes are located between 1.2 km and 11 km deep.

Anomalies SO2: The satellite system « EOS Aura » GSDM-NASA (http://so2.gsfc.nasa.gov/) noted low density levels of SO2 gas in this period.
Thermal anomalies: The Mirova system (www.mirovaweb.it) has not detected thermal anomalies during this period on the Ticsani volcano.

February 03 , 2016. Ticsani , Peru :

Source : IGP

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