Ticsani , Peru : 832 events related to the fracturing of rocks VTS .

Ticsani , Peru : 832 events related to the fracturing of rocks VTS .

Detailed analyzes of seismicity recorded by the telemetric network of Ticsani volcano have identified the occurrence of hybrid-type earthquakes since December 2015. This type of seismicity indicate magmatic movements in a magma chamber. During this month, there was an increase in the frequency of these events compared to January and February 2016.
The fracture type of earthquakes (VT) showed three peaks of activity during this period of analysis, which took place on 08, 22 and 30 March, with the recording of earthquakes with intensity (II – III) perceived by the population. During this month, it was observed an average of 151 VT / day, which shows that these events increased by 50% compared to the previous period (Report No. 02-2016).

LP type events associated with fluid movements, remain rare, showing a similar number to that recorded in the previous report (1 LP / day) on average.
Tremor type earthquake registered a daily rate of 3 min / day. These events occur sporadically and, in general, are of short duration and low seismic energy.

A total of 832 events related to the fracturing of rocks VTS (75% more than in the previous period) were located in this period. The observed events are grouped into two areas: the first is very close to the dome 3 of Ticsani and a second seismic focus 5 km east of the massif. The depth distribution of events is between 4 and 10 km, with magnitudes between M0,5 and M4.

It should be mentioned the presence of three major earthquakes that occurred on March 30, which were perceived by the people settled in the vicinity of the volcano Ticsani (intensities II – III). The telemetric network from OVS, consisting of four seismic stations in this massive, recorded these events
SO2 anomalies: The satellite system “EOS Aura” GSDM-NASA (http://so2.gsfc.nasa.gov/) recorded low density values of SO2 gas in this period.
Thermal anomalies: The Mirova system (www.mirovaweb.it) did not detect thermal abnormalities in the period on the Ticsani volcano (VPR = 0 Mega Watts).

April 01 , 2016.Ticsani , Peru :

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