Ticsani , Peru : an increase of seismicity near the volcano Ticsani is observed.

Ticsani , Peru : an increase of seismicity near the volcano Ticsani is observed.

In the recent history , strong earthquakes struck near the volcano. On 17 May 1999 and 1 October 2005 have been produced earthquakes of magnitude M 4.1 and M 5.3, respectively, which caused severe damage in the villages of Calacoa, Cuchumbaya and Carumas, among others.

– Since September 2015, an increase of seismicity near the volcano Ticsani is observed.
The 10 and 14 February 2016, two earthquakes were recorded at less than 4 km from the crater. The first of M 3.2, hybrid type, and the second, of M 3.8 , type breaking of rocks.
Between March 30 and April 4, 2016, earthquake swarms have occurred and have been located in the same area, showing a concentration in two groups:
The first group is located near the crater, while the second seismic focus is located 5 km east of the massif. This seismic activity occurred between 4 km and 11 km deep.
On March 30 was registered an earthquake swarm, three of them had magnitudes of M 3.0 , M 4.0 and M 3.7 and depths between 5 km and 7 km.

– Between 18 November 2015 and 2 April 2016, there were two measures of flow of volcanic gases SO2, with a coherent baseline of about 20 tons / day (during the eruption of the volcano Ubinas, from 2013 to 2016, the measure reached a maximum of 7600 tonnes / day).
During the same period, the temperature measured at 30 cm depth of the volcano has remained close to 45 ° C; however, between 06 and 24 February there was recorded variations between 45.9 and 22.5 ° C. These variations could be related to the increase of seismicity in this region.

– Also during 2016, there were two geodetic measurements on Ticsani volcano using a technique called electronic distance measurement (EDM), without having detected no distortion.

Summary of surveillance:
Since September 2015, an increase in seismicity near the volcano Ticsani is observed.
In recent weeks, it was recorded sporadic seismic swarms and earthquake hybrid type .
However, no increase was observed in the flow of gas, soil temperature, soil deformation, or in the vicinity of the volcano which can be associated with volcanic processes.
Outlook .
Given that the seismicity increased since September 2015, and that this activity occurred with similar characteristics to that of 1999 and 2005, we believe there is great probability that the scenario of a large number of earthquake happen again.
Both institutions have modern equipment deployed for monitoring Ticsani volcano, and if signs are observed indicating imminent eruptive activity, the respective warning will be issued as soon as possible.

April 09, 2016.Ticsani , Peru :

Source : Ingemmet / OVS

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