Ticsani , Peru : magma movement inside a magma chamber.

Ticsani , Peru : magma movement inside a magma chamber.

Seismic analysis of this period has identified the occurrence of hybrid-type earthquakes, especially on April 24. That day four such events were recorded, but with energies below 1 megajoules (MJ). This type of seismicity is associated with magma movement inside a magma chamber.

The rock fracturing type of seismicity (VT) significantly decreased from 2 April. The average rate for the period was 61 VT / day lower compared to the previous period (151 VT / day, Report No. 03-2016).
LP type of events associated with a fluid movement remain rare, with only nine reported events, with very low energy (less than 0.2 MJ).
Tremor type event registered a daily rate of 1.3 min / day. These events occur sporadically and are generally short, with low levels of seismic energy. However, on April 1 , one event of 4 MJ in energy and 64 seconds of duration was recorded.

It was recorded a total of 307 earthquakes related to fracturing of rocks (63% less than the previous period) with amplitudes between M1,3 and M3,6.
The spatial distribution of these events is again in two seismic zones : the first area near the volcano crater and which extends to the NE; a second seismic focus 6 km from this massif with deep distributions between 3 km to 8 km and 6 km to 10 km, respectively.
The most energetic event was recorded on April 14 with a magnitude of M 3.6 , located within 5 km deep under the volcano Ticsani.

SO2 anomalies: The satellite system “EOS Aura” GSDM-NASA (http://so2.gsfc.nasa.gov/) recorded low density values of SO2 gas in this period.
Thermal anomalies: The Mirova system (www.mirovaweb.it) not detected thermal anomalies on the Ticsani volcano (VPR = 0 Mega Watts).

May 04 , 2016.Ticsani , Peru :

Source : IGP Perou ( Dr Orlando Macedo Sanchez ).

Photos : Ingemmet , Mapio .

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