Tungurahua, Ecuador : some small pyroclastic flows.

Tungurahua, Ecuador : some small pyroclastic flows.

Explosions on Tungurahua. February 26, 2016 (4:45 p.m.)

At 1:33 p.m. (TL) there was another explosion, which generated some small pyroclastic flows, which reached halfway of the volcano. They descended on the West and Northwest flank, as seen in the image taken by the camera on the Mandur sector (Fig. 1).

Then at 15:35 (TL) has again produced a pyroclastic flow that came down from the top to the ravines Mandur , Hacienda, Cusúa , and probably Pirámide. This new flow also advanced to the middle of the volcano and was not caused by an explosion but by the phenomenon known as “boiling over”, which corresponds to a discharge of a small amount magma and / or debris from the crater, in the West-Northwest sector of the crater rim.
As regards the seismic Activity, continuous tremor of large amplitude is maintained.

In summary, there have been five explosions with the following parameters:

02.26.2016 12:11 : Column with a height of 5 km above the crater level.
02/26/2016 12h39 : Approximate height of 6 km.
02.26.2016 12:47 : Column with a height of 6 km.
02.26.2016 12:52 : Elevation 6-7 Km
02/26/2016 1:33 p.m : Generating pyroclastic flows, column height about 8 km.

After the explosions, it started falling ash in the areas of El Manzano, Choglontús, Pillate, Juive and recently in Ambato and Quero.

The ashes were characterized as thin, sugar grain size. However, in the sector of Pillate and Choglontús, ash grain size was as high as 3 mm and consists of rock fragments reddish, black, gray and beige.

During the explosions, detonations and rumblings were heard from Pillate and El Manzano. Note that most of the time the volcano remained partially covered, therefore not possible to have a clarification on the heights of the issuance of the columns. However, from the camera ECU911 in Ambatillo he was taking a picture of a column of 5 km, filling the crater and composed of a high ash content.

As noted, at this time, the volcano has not reduced its level of activity that remains moderate, there is a continuous emission column to the west with a moderate ash content.
New explosions may occur in the coming hours. For this reason, we suggest that the population of the areas of influence of the volcano remain in alert to the reports that are broadcast regularly by IGEPN.

February 27, 2016. Tungurahua, Ecuador :

Source : IGEPN.

Photos : IGEPN, José Luis Espinosa Naranjo.

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