Tungurahua , Ecuador : The volcanic activity is moderate to high.

Tungurahua , Ecuador : The volcanic activity is moderate to high.


The volcanic activity is moderate to high.
In the last 24 hours, the volcano has registered continued emissions of steam and gas at 2500 m heights, with a moderate load of ash that moved westward. These events were also accompanied by rumbling and jets of incandescent blocks that descend on the slopes up to 2000 meters below the crater.
A seismic tremor signal, associated with emissions of gases and ash is recorded.
So far there are reports of gray and white ash falls, fine, in the areas of Pillate, Bilbao, Choglontús, Pelileo.


From 11:00 (TL) yesterday until 11:00 (TL) today, 22 episodes of tremor emission (TREM) from a few minutes to an hour and 14 explosions (EXP) were recorded.

Observations of emissions and ash.
During the night he was heard several explosions were recorded as gunshots. At night, the volcano was semi-cloudy but a glow was observed with blocks that have fallen on the northwestern side to 2,000 meters below the crater and blocks on the northeast side, down up 1000 meters below the crater.

The explosion at 5:35 (TL) produced a vibration of windows and a movement of the earth. It was heard a loud cannonade.
In the morning hours, it could be seen a continuous emission of gases with a moderate load of ash to a height of 2000 m above the crater, moving toward the southwest.
Currently, there are reporting falls of fine and white ash in the areas of Pillate, Pondoa and Vazcún.
In addition, he has report to black ash fall in areas of Bilbao and El Manzano.

Rain and lahars: No report of rain or lahars.

The technicians of the OVT-IGEPN have made a tour on March 6, 2016 in Sector West of the Tungurahua volcano, in the communities of Choglontús and Manzano. Through the monitoring network of ash falls, accumulation was recorded at about 7700 g / m2 in the Choglontús sector since February 26, 2016. Throughout the tour, it was clear a large affectation of agriculture because of the ash, especially maize crops. This ash falls have further encouraged the relocation of livestock.

Source : IGEPN

Photos : Edufoto.


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