Turrialba, Costa Rica : new eruption on the Turrialba volcano.

Turrialba, Costa Rica : new eruption on the Turrialba volcano.

Earth scientists from the Observatory on Volcanology and Seismology of Costa Rica ( OVSICORI) reported a new eruption on the Turrialba volcano, located in the province of Cartago. The geologic event was detected at 1:46 am on Saturday, and it took place after a period of relative calm for this volcano, which had been very active months ago.

This new eruption was mostly a gaseous exhalation, accompanied by an ash column that reached elevations of about 500 meters above the crater. This Mother’s Day eruption was preceded by seismic activity that lasted about nine hours. These volcanic tremors were not perceived by residents who live in the hamlets located on the skirts of the Turrialba volcano, but they were detected by the various monitoring instruments installed by the OVSICORI as well as by the National Seismology Network ( RSN) of the University of Costa Rica.

Although the seismic activity was not intense, some of the tremors lasted several minutes. The eruption itself lasted less than three minutes, and the ash was quickly picked up by strong winds flowing in a northwesterly direction.

At this time, there is no suspension of flights or closing intentions of Juan Santamaria International Airport or any other airport in Costa Rica.

August 18, 2015. Turrialba, Costa Rica :

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Photo : Ovsicori ( 04/2015. )

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