Ubinas, Perou : 5 exhalations were recorded on the Ubinas volcano.

Ubinas, Perou : 5 exhalations were recorded on the Ubinas volcano.

Earthquakes LP type , associated with fluid movements, continued to record an increase in their average activity this week. We observed a peak value of 422 LP during the day of 17 October and a daily rate of 293 LP / day. These events have greatly decreased in number and energy in the last three days of this week. The energy values also increased mainly during the October 15 and 16, low levels, however, are always saved.
As regards the hybrid seismic activity associated with magma ascent, there was an average of 20 Hybrid / day until 15 October; while from October 16 to 19, the number of hybrid events decreased significantly. The energy levels of these events is very low.

The type of VT seismicity (earthquakes type rock fracturing) recorded an average of 130 earthquakes at the beginning of the week, but then from 16 to 19 October dropped significantly. A major peak of VT events was recorded on October 15 with 161 VT / day.
The activity of Tremor rose last week following ash emissions caused by the exhalations stored on October 15, then declined until the end of this report.
During this period, there were five explosions / expirations.

During the last 7 days, and through the camera Campbell Scientific, the IGP has registered the emission of steam vents and various ash emissions from the Ubinas volcano .
On October 15, in the afternoon, the exhalations of ash associated with the volcanic degassing system were observed. These exhalations amounted to 2,000 meters.
Subsequently, between 17 and 18 October, intense clouds covered the volcano. At the same time, sporadic emissions of steam does not exceed 300 meters above the base of the crater.
Finally, this past week 5 exhalations were recorded on the Ubinas volcano.

October 21, 2015. Ubinas, Perou :

Source : IGP Perou.
Photo : Go2peru

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