Ubinas , Perou : the system Mirova detected four thermal anomalies.

Ubinas , Perou : the system Mirova detected four thermal anomalies.

Earthquakes of LP Type associated with fluid movements were again recorded an increased activity in the analysis of this week. We observed a 520 LP peak during the day of 11 October and a daily rate of 244 LP / day. Energy values increased slightly over the 10 and 11 October . Low levels however, are still noted.
Regarding the hybrid seismic activity related to the rise of magma, until October 11 it showed a downward trend. On October 12, this type of seismicity recorded a peak of 28 hybrids. The energy levels of hybrid events are low.
The type of VT seismicity (earthquakes type rock fracturing), showed the same behavior as that presented by hybrid earthquakes. The activity of the 12 October showing a peak of 171 VT , indicating a further increase in internal pressure.
The tremor activity has declined significantly in the last 11 days. Being related to the emission of ash, during this period, there were no such problems.
During this period, there were no explosions / expirations.

Last week, the fumaroles of the volcano Ubinas decreased. On the basis of images obtained by our camera Campbell Scientific, only can be distinguished bluish sporadically gases and water vapor emissions.
This gaseous material amounted to 1100 meters, characterized by its low density, the period of greater emission was recorded between 11 and 12 October. It should be noted that no emissions of ash was observed between 06 and 12 October.

Finally, the system Mirova detected four thermal anomalies for the period. The first detected on October 7, with a value of 1.5 MW; the second took place on 9 October , value 1.8 MW; the third took place on October 11 with 3.4 megawatts and the fourth detected anomaly corresponds to a value of 1.7 MW recorded on October 13. This series of consecutive increases indicate the presence of a warm body near the surface.

October 14, 2015. Ubinas , Perou :

Source : IGP Perou.

Photo : Fredy Apaza

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