Ubinas, Peru : an exhalation, followed by an explosion.

Ubinas, Peru : an exhalation, followed by an explosion.

LP type Earthquakes associated with a fluid movement continue to be registered, this high seismicity tends to decline especially during the last days. The average attendance rate recorded was 472 LP / day. November 04 was the day or the occurrence of these events increased with 754 LP. The energy values rose on November 7 reaching 47 MJ.
Regarding the hybrid seismic activity related to the rise of magma, they have continued to increase until November 4, when there were up to 64 events. This activity was accompanied by VT events, indicating an increase in pressure inside the volcano. As regards the energy levels, these values were low.

The type of VT seismicity (earthquakes type fracturing), decreased up to 06 November. However, the last three days a slight increase is observed. The energy values were lower; However, on November 9, it was recorded 12 MJ of energy.
Tremor type events relating to the emission of ash have accumulated in this period 22 hours of presence, particularly on 06, 07 and 08 of this month.
On November 5 an exhalation, followed by an explosion, which occurred at 5:16 p.m. pm (GMT) was recorded. The energy of the explosion was 12 MJ duly reported by the IGP–OVS.

This last week , through the images obtained by the camera Campbell Scientific, installed by the IGP near the Ubinas volcano has been registered the emission of ash and magmatic gases from the volcano.
As stated in the last technical report, the question of magmatic gas was one of the most important aspects of the previous period. These emissions have continued on November 03 and 04. On 05 November at 12:16 local time, the OVS seismic stations registered a moderate explosion, which ejected ash at a height of 2200 m. After this event, the ashes continued to be ejected by pulses of tremor activity , this has been observed until November 8. From November 9, intense clouds covered the entire volcano area.

November 11, 2015. Ubinas, Peru :

Source : IGP.

Photos : Telemundo33 , IGP

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