Ubinas, Peru : intermittent pulses of ash were observed.

Ubinas, Peru : intermittent pulses of ash were observed.

The recording of LP type of earthquakes associated with fluid movement, decreased in activity and energy in relation to the quantity and energy observed in the previous period. For this week, the average frequency rate recorded was 204 LP / day (against 472 LP / day Report No. 47). The energy level remains low, around 6MJ / day.
Regarding the hybrid seismic activity related to the rise of magma, it continues to be recorded, while maintaining a downward trend since November 5. This week, 11 hybrid / day were observed. Regarding hybrid energy levels, they had low values.

The type of VT seismicity (earthquakes type rock fracturing) increased during this period, showing a daily rate of 87 VT / day. This suggests increased pressure under the volcano. The energy levels were low.
Tremor type of events related to issuance of ash has accumulated during the period of 33 hours of presence, 30% more than in the previous period.

The activity of the volcano Ubinas during the last week was recorded by Campbell Scientific camera installed by the IGP in the vicinity of the volcano. Throughout this period, constant clouds covered the volcano area, alternating with small moments of slightly cloudy sky.
Thus, it has been observed between 10 and 15 November vapor emission and sporadic ash. The largest took place on 13, scattering the ashes to the south and southwest of the volcano. This emission has reached a height of 1500 m above the base of the crater. Similarly, on November 14, intermittent pulses of ash were observed, with a maximum height of 600 meters.
The fumaroles activity of November 16 was marked by the expulsion of bluish gas, with low ash content

November 18, 2015.Ubinas, Peru :

Source : IGP

Photo : Fredy Azapa / Ingemmet.

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