Ubinas , Peru : the internal pressure under the volcano continues.

Ubinas , Peru : the internal pressure under the volcano continues.

The level of seismicity LP (long period) associated with fluid movements, experienced a slight decrease in the number of events during this period, showing an average of 112 LP / day (last week 193 LPs / day). In addition, the energy levels are maintained to 1.4 MJ / day considered low.
Regarding hybrid events (activity associated with the rise of the magma), they are rare and at low levels, both in number and in the seismic energy that they generate.

Events fracture type (VT) have the same values as observed in the previous week. During this period, 91 VT / day were observed and the energy levels remained low. However, we can deduce that the internal pressure under the volcano continues.
During the past two weeks, it was recorded small failures in the spasmodic tremor, also associated with fluids. While remaining at low levels, this seismicity indicates the hydrothermal system disturbances. Therefore, it is necessary to further analyze these events.

From a total of 67 events of fractures, mainly distributed around the caldera of the volcano Ubinas, the activity of these earthquakes was concentrated from 1 to 3 km depth beneath the surface of the crater. In addition, these earthquakes have an alignment axis Northwest / Southeast. The maximum size reached by this seismicity corresponds to a magnitude of M 2.9 ML that was generated by the event VT on January 17th at 5:17:01 UTC.

Thermal anomalies: The Mirova system (monitoring of hot spots on the surface of the crater – www.mirovaweb.it) did not detect thermal anomaly.
SO2 anomalies: The satellite system (monitoring the density of the gas SO 2 : http://so2.gsfc.nasa.gov/ ) “EOS Aura” GSDM-NASA did not detect any major anomalies in the density values of the SO2 gas during this period.Cloud cover prevented views of the volcano Ubinas to assess the emission of fumaroles and / or gas. However, during some episodes with a clear view, low vapor emissions, culminating at 200 meters above the base of the crater, were noted.
Rainfall in the area near the volcano are continuous, rain and snow fell on Ubinas and its surroundings.

February 24, 2016. Ubinas , Peru :

Source : IGP

Photos : IGP , Latintimes .

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