Ubinas , Peru : the process of current eruption continue .

Ubinas , Peru : the process of current eruption continue .

The recorded seismic activity under the volcano Ubinas, during the analysis of this week, showed low levels of activity, but the events with large seismic characteristics confirm that the process of current eruption continue .

The long period events (LP), associated with fluid movement , show an increase in activity in the last two days of analysis (07 and 08 February ). These LPs events continue to be generated in very shallow areas and mainly concern the rainfall infiltration (water).
Regarding the fracture type of earthquakes (VT), during this period, there have been two significant peaks in activity. They were held on 02 and 05 February and generate 98 and 35 megajoules respectively. Energy VT observed for this type of event is considered as high.

Thermal anomalies: The Mirova system (monitoring hot spots on the surface of the crater – www.mirovaweb.it) for that period, detected a small thermal anomaly on February 5, of 1.0 MW.
SO2 anomalies: The satellite monitoring system (monitoring the density of SO2 gas – http://so2.gsfc.nasa.gov/) « EOS Aura » GSDM–NASA has not recorded large abnormalities in values density of SO2 gas during this period.

The nebulosity in the volcano area, present during the previous period, continued and even intensified last week. Despite this, the control of the images obtained by the camera Campbell Scientific of IGP has distinguished emissions of fumaroles and bluish gas, which reached a maximum height of 1100 meters above the base of the crater.
This week he was not registered expulsion of ash or exhalations and / or explosion

February 12 , 2016. Ubinas , Peru :

Source : IGP

Photos : Diarionoticias. Ovi .

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