Scuba Diving in Azores – 14 days


14 days, 13 nights – Pico
The scuba diving package consists of shore and boat dives. The first dive is a shore
dive which also serves as a check-out and familiarisation dive.

In recent years we have explored more than 30 dive sites off the coasts of Pico, Faial and Sao Jorge, which offer exciting dives to
both the less experienced as well as the advanced divers.
The sheltered bays of Sao Roque and Sao Caetano are ideal for easy, shallow dives that are excellent for junior divers also.
The caves and arches of Formesinhas, Cachorro and Calhetta are ideal for orientation dives and cave enthusiasts.
Drop offs can be found at various coastal locations. And we also offer a number of boat dives, which either take you to the
volcanic crater Ilheus, just outside of Madalena’s harbor or to a location in the middle of the Pico-Faial channel,
called Baixa Sul. Stingrays and schools of barracuda are waiting for you here.

Please ask for rental equipment in advance.

Option “Dive adventure in Princess Alice” :
About 100 km off the south coast of Pico Island there are some underwater pineackles that grow from the buttom of the Atlantic Occean and reach 12 m below surface “Princess Alice”. This volcanic needles in the middle of the Ocean are the meeting point for fish, hunters and the hunted ! Manta Rays and sharks belong to the scene as well as large schools of resident and pelargic fish. We have seen Bonitos, Tuna, Jacks and Marlin, to name some of them. Unfortunately the location and the sea conditions allow only a few visits each year to this special spot. Mostly the days around fullmoon and shortly after newmoon have calm seas and allow to reach the spot. On these days we depart on licensed big game fishing boats that are permitted to go to the spot. We equip them with our diving gear. Normally we will have 2 tank dives. This is easy possible as we only stay between 12 – 20m, on top of the spot. There we hang out and watch “underwater-cinema”.

We can reserve some days for you, but we only confirm as we are sure about the weather circumstances. The final decision will be made by the skipper on the morning of departure.
We only carry 8 divers max. that we check in some dives before. We request highest safety standard in your equipment like whistles and bojes.


From € 749 per person

This package includes
• 13 nights Guest room Basic/double rooms
• Transfer from/to Pico or Horta airport
• 10 dives (2 dives daily = 5 diving days)

What is not included
• Equipment rental
• International flights to/from Pico or Horta
• Meals (breakfast/lunch/diner)
• Other services not mentioned on the program

International flights
We offer to book for you the international flights IN and OUT. If interested please ask us for a quote

Car rental (Driver’s age must be 23 years or older and must have had a valid driver’s license for a minimum of 1 one year)
Dive to princess Alice

Rent Equipment complete : € 28 per person/day

Additional equipment:
Torch : € 5 per dive
SLB : € 5 per dive
Computer : € 5 per dive

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