THE AZORES : Complete Tour of the Archipelago


Enjoy the complete tour of the archipelago with this self-drive ! You will discover the wonders of all islands, each one having something different to offer. From the geothermal area of Sao Miguel to the climbing of Mount Pico (optionnal), through the lunar lanscapes of Santa Maria and the natural swimming pool you can find on different islands, you will relax and enjoy each moment. Don’t forget the whale watching tour or the outing “swimming with the dolphins”, and you’ll have a complete idea of what the archipelago can offer !

Day 01 : Flight for Sao Miguel

Day 01 to 03 : Discovering Sao Miguel

Day 4 : Discovering Corvo

Day 5 and 6 : Discovering Flores

Day 7 and 8 : Discovering Faial

Day 9 and 10 : Discovering Pico

Day 11 : Sao Jorge

Day 12 to 15 : Discovering Terceira

Day 16 and 17 : Discovering Graciosa

Day 18 to 20 : Dscovering Santa Maria

Day 21 : Return flight

SAO MIGUEL is the largest and most populated island of the Azores, known as the Green Island. The islandhas a surface area of approximately 759 km2. The municipal seat is located in Ponta Delgada, the largest town in the archipelago. This island has around 140.000 inhabitants.

CORVO : The islands of Corvo and Flores, with 15 miles between them, form the Western group of the Azores Archipelago. Also of volcanic origin, Corvo, with an area of 17.5 km2, is the smallest island in the archipelago. It has 400 inhabitants. The seat of municipality is at Vila Nova do Corvo.

FLORES is the westernmost point of the archipelago and of Europe. The area is about 143 km2. The island has more or less 4 000 inhabitants. The main municipalties are Santa Cruz and Lajes.

FAIAL is part of the central group of the archipelago, about 66 miles from Terceira, 4.5 miles from Pico and 11 miles from Sao Jorge. The surface area of Faial is approximately of 173 km2. The island has about 15.000 inhabitants and its main municipal seat is located in the city of Horta.

PICO island, named after its imposing mountain and also known as the grey island due to the mountain, is often referred as the “Ilha Montanha” (Mountain Island) and belongs to the central group of islands. Pico island is, after Sao Miguel, the second largest island in the Azores and it is 4.5 miles from Faial and 11 miles from Sao Jorge.

SAO JORGE, another island of the central group, lies 21.6 miles of Graciosa, 11 miles of Pico, 32.4 miles of Terceira and 16.2 miles of Faial. It has an approximate area of 246 km2. The island has about 9.500 inhabitants. The main municipality are Velas and Calheta.

TERCEIRA is called this way because it was the third island of the archipelago to be discovered. Approximately 90 miles of Sao Miguel and 66 miles of Faial, it has a surface area of 382 km2. The international airport, located in “lakes”, is 3 km from the city of Praia da Vitoria and serves both civilian and military needs and includes both the Military Command for the Azores as well as an important American Air Force Base. This island is the second most populated with 58.000 inhabitants.

GRACIOSA lies approximately 31 miles of Terceira. It has a surface area of 61 km2. It is called the white island due to the landscape and the names given to certain places like “Pedras Brancas” or White Stones, “Serra Branca” or white mountain, and “Barro Branco” or White Clay. The island has about 4.600 inhabitants. The main municipalities are Santa Cruz and Lajes.

SANTA MARIA is about 55 miles from Sao Miguel island (30 minutes by plane). It is the third smallest island of the Azores, known as the yellow island. The surface area is approximately of 97 km2. The island has about 5.500 inhabitants. The municipal seat is located in the parish of Vila do Porto.

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Included in the price :
All domestic flights and transfers
Rented car cat. A type Renault or similar on each island with unlimited mileage
The location and return of rented vehicles to the airports and ports as indicated in the estimate
The insurance of the vehicle CDW
Accomodation as stated on the estimate
Map of the Azores
A guide for the hikes

Not included in the price :
Insurance assistance and cancellation
Supplementary insurance for rented vehicle
Meals and drinks
Personal expenses
Entry to sites and museums and optionnals activities not mentionned in the estimate
Expenses for extra days because of modifications made by the air company.

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