03/06/2015. Sinabung , Volcans de Californie, Cotopaxi .

03/06/2015. Sinabung , Volcans de Californie, Cotopaxi .

Sinabung, Indonesie :

3 JUNE 2015
Head of Data Information and Public Relations of National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said that the status of Mount Sinabung in Karo, North Sumatra, increased to beware. Improvement of the status of a recommendation Geological Agency at BNPB after the observation on increased activity of the volcano. Sutopo explained that the volcanic activity of Mount Sinabung in the last two days continued to rise sharply. The volume of the lava dome is also increased to more than three million cubic meters and unstable.


“This will potentially occur avalanches followed dome glowing hot clouds to the south and east as far as about 7 km from the summit crater,” said Sutopo, in a written statement received by Kompas.com, Wednesday (03/06/2015). Geological Agency has reported an increase in the alert status of Mount Sinabung to Head of BNPB, Syamsul Maarif, on Tuesday (2/6) at 23:00 pm. In the report, there is also a recommendation that people who live in a radius of seven kilometers in order to be evacuated to a safer location.


Residents in seven villages and a hamlet recommended to be relocated, the villagers Sukameriah, Berkerah Village, Village Simacem, Gurukinayan Village, Village Kotatonggsa, Berastepu village, village and hamlet Sibintun gamber. In addition, there is also a recommendation that the road closure in the event of an increased threat of hazards such as avalanches of hot cloud activity. The streets were recommended to be closed is Highway Simpang Simpang Gurukinayan-Sibitun, Bridge Lau Bunaken Tigapancur-Ojolali, Tigapancur, Simpang Bagading and Perjumaan Tigabogor.


Currently, said Sutopo, Head of BNPB has coordinated with the Regent Karo Karo in order to instruct the Head BPBDs assisted the military, police and other elements to anticipate the increase in the alert status of Mount Sinabung. Sinabung continued turbulent fluctuating since erupted on 15 September 2013 until today. The alert status of Mount Sinabung been in force since 23 September 2013 to 8 April 2014 after it fell into a standby status. “It is not known how long the eruption of Mount Sinabung this will stop. The phenomenon is similar to Mount Unzen in Japan that the eruption lasted for five years after 200 years no eruption,” said Sutopo.

Source : Kompass
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Volcans de Californie, Etats – Unis :

Current Volcano Alert Level: all NORMAL
Current Aviation Color Code: all GREEN

Activity Update:
All volcanoes monitored by CalVO using telemetered, real-time sensor networks exhibit normal levels of background seismicity and deformation. Volcanoes monitored include Mount Shasta, Medicine Lake Volcano, Clear Lake Volcanic Field, Lassen Volcanic Center, Long Valley Volcanic Region, Coso Volcanic Field, Ubehebe Craters, and Salton Buttes.


Ubehebe Craters.

Observations for May 1, 2015 (0000h PST) through May 31, 2015 (2359h PDT):

Mt Shasta: Two M1 or greater earthquakes were detected. The largest registered M1.59.
Medicine Lake: No earthquakes of M1.0 or greater were detected.
Lassen Volcanic Center: One earthquake of M1.0 or greater was detected (M1.85).
Clear Lake Volcanic Field: One earthquake of M1.0 or greater was detected, of M1.10. [Note: The typical high level of seismicity was observed under the Geysers steam field located at the western margin of CLVF. The largest event was M2.93].
Long Valley Volcanic Region: In Long Valley Caldera, 45 earthquakes of M1.0 or greater were detected. The largest event registered M2.57. In the Mono Craters region, 24 earthquakes of M1.0 or greater were detected (M2.90 maximum), and no earthquakes of M1.0 or greater were detected under Mammoth Mountain. [Note: The typical high level of seismicity was observed south of the caldera in the Sierra Nevada range. The largest registered M3.34].

mono crater

Mono Crater.

Ubehebe Craters: No earthquakes at or above M1.0 were detected.
Salton Buttes: The typical high level of seismicity was observed in the vicinity of the buttes, with 38 earthquakes of M1.0 or greater. The largest registered M2.89.
Coso Volcanic Field: The typical high level of seismicity was observed, with 27 earthquakes M1.0 or greater. The largest registered M2.68.

The U.S. Geological Survey will continue to monitor these volcanoes closely and will issue additional updates and changes in alert level as warranted.

Source : Calvo
Photos : toddshikingguide.com , Wikipedia .

Cotopaxi, Equateur :

Seismic activity of the Cotopaxi volcano showed changes since mid-April this year, with an emphasis in May. In May, 3000 local earthquakes were recorded. This increase is significant compared with 628 events recorded in April, as also observed during the 2001-2002 crisis, which was the largest in the last 15 years.


In addition, the number of earthquakes and the values of the seismic amplitudes recorded to the nearest station of the crater (BREF), also show an increase in May. The seismic energy associated corroborates the increase.
Regarding the type of recorded signals, there is a predominance of the type of events long period (LP), which are related to fluid movements. In this group, it was possible to differentiate a special type, called very long events (VLP), which is associated with the movement of magma inside the volcano. These VLPs were more common during the month of May and especially since last week. These earthquakes are located in the north and northeast of the volcanic cone.


The locations of the earthquakes also show two trends: some are located at a depth of 3 km below the summit; and others are deeper, up to about 14 km and are all close to the volcanic cone.

Were detected very small changes in the inclinometer in both stations to the north and northeast, suggesting a slight inflationary trend. On the other hand, the GPS network (7 stations), located on the slopes of the volcano, did not show significant changes. These slight variations may be due to the source of the distortion which is very low and is concentrated in the conduit of the volcano or too shallow (between 1-3 km below the summit).


Surface observations:
Since May, there has been an increase in the crater fumaroles, visible even at times of Quito. Further reports indicate that climbers during the weekend of May 22 and 23, the sulfur smell was very intense, especially from 5700 m., On the northern flank of the cone.
Throughout the week, the smell of sulfur was lower, according to the Cotopaxi National Park staff report and refuge area.

Source : IGEPN
Photo : ecuador-travel.net

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