13/04/2015. Etna, Popocatepetl, Batu Tara .

13/04/2015. Etna, Popocatepetl, Batu Tara .

Etna, Sicile :

After a short explosive sequence in the Bocca Nuova in the early afternoon, Etna produced a large plume of gas, seen due the lack of high-altitude wind.

There are few information, the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) responsible for monitoring the volcano has not issued any statement so far.


However, testimony and as has been reported by several seismic stations, at about 1:07 p.m. at 13:05 UTC (local time GMT + 2), there were two explosions with ash emissions from the crater of Bocca Nuova . This is the first demonstration of activity since the paroxysm of 31 January this year. After the explosions, occurred degassing from two points near the Bocca Nuova, without any abnormal activity is recorded in the volcanic tremor signal or by a lava show.

Source : B Behncke, AVCAN.
Photo : Turi Caggegi

Popocatepetl, Mexique :

In the last 24 hours the monitoring system of Popocatépetl volcano recorded 36 exhalations of low intensity, with low amounts of steam, gas and ash.

During the night were observed incandescence over the crater .
At the time of this report the volcano have an emission of steam and gas towards the south-south-west .


On Friday, April 10th, with the help of the Federal Police, an overflight of the volcano was made. Meteorological conditions were adequate for the pertinent observations . It was confirmed that the activity between March 24 and April 5 resulted in the emplacement of a new dome filling the inner crater. This new dome has a diameter calculated at 250 m, with a thickness of 30 m.


A series of concentric fractures on its surface, and its central portion has collapsed, showing that, after emplacement, the dome has deflated considerably . It is probable that in the next fe days or weeks this dome will be destroyed in one or several explosions, with magnitudes similar to those that occurred at the end of February and beginning of March this year. Because of this, CENAPRED emphasizes that people should not go near the volcano, especially near the crater, due to the danger caused by ballistic fragments.

The Traffic Alert Volcanic of Popocatepetl is located in Yellow Phase 2.

Source : Cenapred .

Batu Tara, Komba Island , Indonesie :

7.792°S, 123.579°E
Elevation 748 m

According to the Darwin VAAC a pilot observed an ash plume in the vicinity of Batu Tara on 7 April. The plume drifted NW at an altitude of 3 km (10,000 ft) a.s.l.

batu tara

The small isolated island of Batu Tara in the Flores Sea about 50 km N of Lembata (fomerly Lomblen) Island contains a scarp on the eastern side similar to the Sciara del Fuoco of Italy’s Stromboli volcano. Vegetation covers the flanks to within 50 m of the 748-m-high summit. Batu Tara lies north of the main volcanic arc and is noted for its potassic leucite-bearing basanitic and tephritic rocks. The first historical eruption, during 1847-52, produced explosions and a lava flow.

Source : GVP
Photo : Debbie Arriaga

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