18/03/2015. Sabancaya , Sinabung , Turrialba, Lanin.

18/03/2015. Sabancaya , Sinabung , Turrialba, Lanin.

Sabancaya, Perou :

The sismovolcanic activity of Sabancaya is monitored by the OVS-IGP through 18 seismic stations in real time (15 + 03 temporary stations). Three are telemetric stations (real time) which are located very close to the crater.

During this period, the type of VT seismicity (associated with rock fracturing) increased, recording 136 VT / day. VT seismicity continues to spread is by forming two well-defined foci in the north of Sabancaya. The first focus is located 15 km NNE of the crater, where a 3.5 ML events occurred. These earthquakes were located south of Pinchollo and Maca. The second axis is located 22 km NW of the crater of the volcano where ML 4.0 event occurred; these earthquakes were located near the town of Cabanaconde.


The hybrid-type events designating the rise of magmatic material in this period remained similar to the previous average, recording two hybrid / day; but remain rare. LP seismicity, indicating the passage of fluids, increased both in number and power, averaging 118 LP / day . Tremor type of events are rare.

During this period, abundant cloudiness is installed on the volcano area of Sabancaya, however, it has been observed that emissions from vents were constant in the morning. Emission heights decreased compared to the previous period; up to 700 meters above the crater. The thermal monitoring satellite system Mirova did not detect significant thermal anomalies; Meanwhile, the IMO system does not detect significant abnormalities SO2 for that period.

Source : IGP
Photo : Wikipedia

Sinabung, Indonesie :

In recent days, the volcano has developed a dark rounded lobe of doughy lava which is full of hot material which suggests that the imminent collapse of it will cause a major pyroclastic activity when this material will slide down .


Sadrah Peranginangin informed us of the stunning views of the new lobe of the dome

Source : Avcan.
Photo : Sadrah Peranginangin


Turrialba, Costa Rica :

Seismic activity remained at the level of that which was recorded the previous days, reflecting a vigorous movement of fluids (gas and water) in the shallow area of the hydrothermal system of the volcano.


Besides this level of high seismic activity, an apparent relative calm observed, represented by low fumerolienne activity in the West crater with passive emission of a small amount of ash.
Occasionally, these fumarolles emit more sulfur that are perceived by the population located in the west of the volcano (Coronado, Rancho Redondo, Vista del Mar).

Source : Ovsicori

Lanin , Argentine / Chili :

Rock falls.

Lanin National Park shall inform the community, according to reports on the issue of a column of smoke on the Lanin volcano, it was found the release of large stones, from 3700m to 3000m above sea level in the trough of the sector located on the north side ( side where ascent is made).


These landslides are the result of high temperatures, which cause the melting of snow in the winter in this area, so that the rocks are exposed, allowing the detachment of them and that they roll easily.
It is recalled that to make the ascent of the volcano, it is necessary to have adequate clothing and equipment, and check in at the information center

Source : Volcanes Andinos, Parc Lanin
Photos: Nacho Antueno

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