Bromo , Indonesia : intense crater-glow was seen .

Bromo , Indonesia :  intense crater-glow was seen .

From our « special correspondent » and friend Oystein Lund Andersen, present on the site :

Heavy degassing was observed during arrival in the afternoon, accompanied by a irregular but periodically heavy rumbling sound. The degassing plume was more or less consistent, but with periods of more sulfur gas output and short periods of total calm. After these periods of calm, larger degassing plumes tend to appear, accompanied by large rumbling sounds and in one case an eruption at 14:14. The eruption was accompanied by a shockwave, and seconds after an ash plume appeared that reached around 800m in height. Sounds of falling rocks or blocks was heard seconds after the appearance of the eruption plume. The ash content decreased within 30min after the eruption.

Next eruption happened at 15:45, and the ash-plume sustained for around 45minutes. Weather deteriorated (fog) around this time, but I managed to get a few pictures of it. The next eruption that started at 16:50. The 16:50 eruption was initially explosive, characterized by a booming sound, but ash-venting continued throughout the evening, and made no good conditions for photography.

Ash-fall was intense, and as it passed trough fog, it became wet and fell as “ash-flakes”. Late evening, intense crater-glow was seen minutes before a small eruption (23:41). Interestingly the crater glow that seemed this intense, was a precursor to a very small eruption, that did not seem to correlate. However I ended observations at this point because of the weather conditions.

February 08, 2016. Bromo , Indonesia ,


Source : Oystein Lund Andersen (

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