Bromo , Indonesia : Seismographs show a continuous activity .

Bromo , Indonesia : Seismographs show a continuous activity .

Following news of the eruption of the Bromo, with our special correspondent Sylvain Chermette (80 jours voyage), which is kind enough to send us and the magazine LAVE, theses informations:

The volcano remains active. Seismographs show a continuous activity with very regular seismic peaks. A rather clear plume escapes from the volcano constantly with varying intensity. Passages much loaded in ashes are also observed several times daily.

The sandy sea remains closed by the volcano observatory, but the use of the track that joins the two villages on either side seems tolerated by the authorities for the villagers. On January 22, 2016 was a « sacred day » and saw a strong influx of people who went to place offerings to the temples at the foot of the volcano. Some people even cleared the stairs and are mounted on the lip of the crater to give their offerings to the volcano !!! According to the observatory, park authorities have given permission to go to the volcano despite the recommendations of the scientific and officially closed! The cultural side sometimes overtakes the Scientific …

January 21 evening, there was a big increase in activity with a very large and very full panache and large ash fallout for almost two hours. Also in recent days, screenings have increased several times over the lip and landed on the slopes of the crater. There are, however, not really a risk of splashing on the sea of sand. However, with the rains there is a lot of raw or small lahars that make it hostile terrain!

January 23, 2016. Bromo , Indonesia :

Sources : Sylvain Chermette ( 80 jours voyage ) , C Grandpey ( Lave)

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