Bromo, Indonesie : fall of incandescents stones.

Bromo, Indonesie : fall of incandescents stones.

During the period from January 14 to 22, 2016 earthquake events recorded were type earthquake volcanic (VA), earthquakes volcanics shallow (VB) local tectonic types (TL) and distant tectonic (TJ) and the domination of a constant tremor in a range of maximum amplitude of 2 to 36 mm.
The seismic amplitude measurements in real time (RSAM) to the date of January 22, 2016 showed energy fluctuations.

Visually, the activity of Bromo often found herself enveloped in fog. White to brownish / gray smoke emissions with a thick and tall column was observed up to 1800 meters from the summit.
Records of seismic tremor have been dominated by constant fluctuations with a maximum amplitude in the range of 2 to 32 mm, with a dominant at 5 mm. The earthquake eruption are increasing, while the volcanic earthquakes shallow (VB), Volcanic (VA), local tectonics (TL), and distant tectonic (TJ) were recorded but their number has not significant.
Potential hazards:
The potential occurrence of sudden phreatic and magmatic eruptions , ejected volcanic materials as heavy ash fall and incandescent stone throwing began around the crater within a radius of 2.5 km around the center of the eruption.

Seismic activity is dominated by the constant vibration of the tremor, with a maximum amplitude which tends to fluctuate.
Phreatics and magmatics eruptions are threatening in the form of bursts of ash and incandescent matter that can happen to a radius of 2.5 km.
Based on visual observation data, analysis of seismic data, and the potential danger of explosion, as of January 22, 2016, the level of activity of G. Bromo is maintained at level III (Siaga ).

The activity level of the Bromo will be raised / lowered if an increase / decrease in activity occurs. This one is intensively monitored by volcanic experts from the Volcanology and Geological Center for risk reduction.

February 01, 2016. Bromo, Indonesie :

Source : VSI

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