Lokon – Empung , Indonesia : the level of activity of Lokon changes .

Lokon – Empung , Indonesia : the level of activity of Lokon changes .

Evaluation :
The volcanic activity of Lokon, in 2016, visually showed no significant increase in volcanic or changes in the crater. The activity is now dominated by tall columns emissions of about 250 m above the crater.

Based on the seismic data, an eruption during the period from September 2015 to January 2016 never took place. Registration of volcanic earthquakes decreases in numbers. Records of volcanic energy calculations show that the activity of the volcano in 2016 show no increase of energy, with a tends to decrease, as well as for cumulative energy, which showed a trend relatively linear. For Tremor type of vibration, they are still being recorded, but also show a decrease of maximum amplitude, generally greater than 10 mm, and is now below 7 mm.

Volcanic activity of G. Lokon, during the month of January 2016 was characterized by shallow volcanic earthquakes (VB). So it is always possible that a phreatic eruption occurs suddenly, especially because of heavy rainfall. The energy equivalent since December 17, 2015 showed no amplification, as shown by the seismic amplitude spectra (SSAM). The deformation also showed no increase in inflation, and even a relatively flat model for the Y axis (crater) and was little changed for the X-axis (perpendicular crater).


The risk of a potential phreatic eruption (steam eruptions) is still there, but no one knows when or with what intensity.
Based on visual evaluation, seismic and deformation of G.Lokon during January 2016, this evaluation showed a decrease, so the level of activity of Lokon changes from LEVEL III (Siaga) to LEVEL II (Waspada) this from February 5, 2016 at 15:00 pm.

February 12 , 2016. Lokon – Empung , Indonesia :

Source : VSI.

Photos :  Philippe Crochet.

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