Sinabung, Indonésia : ash column of 4600 m .

Sinabung, Indonésia : ash column of 4600 m .

Based on information from PVMBG, and analyses of satellite imagery and wind data, the Darwin VAAC reported that on 21 October an ash plume from Sinabung rose to an altitude of 6.1 (20,000 ft) a.s.l.

An eruption of Mount Sinabung, on October 31, 2015 at 14:45 pm, issued a high ash column of 4600 m, with hot clouds of pyroclastic avalanches sliding towards the South-East, for a distance of 3500 m and to the south-southeast, on 2000 m, the wind slowly dissipating ash to the northwest. Pictures are taken from the PGA Sinabung Pos.
Seismicity parameters have declined somewhat, but still features a permanent volcanic seismic activity (VA) indicating the permanent pressure or supply of new magma. The strain measurement method by ungkitan (inclinometer) showed an upward trend (inflation) at a low rate.

The values of SO2 flux measured during the period between July and October 5, 2015 are below 500 tonnes / day, while the last measurement in September 2015 recorded an increase of more than 500 tonnes / day. The temperature showed no significant change, but the CO2 gas content shows a pattern of increase since the beginning of August 2015. The visually dominant activity has the form of thick white smoke and the accumulation of lava dome at the top, often followed by hot pyroclastic clouds avalanche. (VSI data from the last report of 8 October)

November 01, 2015 .Sinabung, Indonésia:

3.17°N, 98.392°E
Elevation 2460 m

Source: Centre consultatif sur les cendres volcaniques Darwin (VAAC) , PVMBG , GVP.

Photo : Theger Bre Meliala.

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