Sinabung , Indonésia : Three persons killed in volcano eruption in Indonesia.

Sinabung , Indonésia : Three persons killed in volcano eruption in Indonesia.

Three persons killed in volcano eruption in Indonesia

In a volcanic eruption in Indonesia three people were killed. Four others were seriously injured according to authorities, when Saturday, Sinabung in Sumatra issued hot ash and gas. According to civil protection providing surveillance of the volcano, a tall column of three kilometers and a cloud of ash that descended over 4.5 km.
The victims were farmers who cultivated the fields in the area evacuated for safety reasons, so-called “red zone” four kilometers from the crater.
The Sinabung had woken up in 2013 of a sleep of 400 years. In February 2014, 16 people died when they were hit by a pyroclastic flow of Sinabung.

sinabung PVMBG report this morning:

Visual on 22 May, 2016. 8:49 p.m., report on the on Sinabung volcano.

Visual: sunny-cloudy weather, calm wind, air temperature 17-18 ° C. The volcano is clear with a thin white smoke 50 meters high. Eruption occurred 1 (a) with large columns of ash to 2,500 meters.
1 x Tremor eruption , amplitude: 32 mm, Lg 316 seconds.
14 x Earthquake of avalanches , amplitude : 5-18 mm, Lg: 25-127 seconds.
5 x Earthquake long frequency , amplitude: 3-12 mm, Lg: 8-10 seconds.
2 x Hybrid Earthquake , amplitude: 4-7 mm, Lg: 7-11 seconds.
2 x Earthquake VA Type , amplitude: 9-13 mm, Lg: 6-8 seconds.
The tremor signal type is constant with an amplitude of 0.5 to 2 mm (0.5 mm dominant).

Conclusion: the alert level of Sinabung volcano in Red / AWAS
Recommendations: The community and visitors / tourists should not not perform activities in a radius of 3 km from the summit, within 7 km in the south sector, less than 6 km in the South-East sector, and less than 4 km in the North – Northeast sector of G. Sinabung and evacuate to a safe place. People who live near rivers that discharge from Mount Sinabung must stay alert to the threat of lahars.

Pyroclastic flows fatal to on Sinabung:

Pyroclastic flows have followed one another in waves on Sinabung this May 21, 2016. The BNPB reported four episodes respectively at 14:28, 3:08 p.m., 4:48 p.m. and 4:39 p.m. . The ash plumes reached 3,000 meters, and pyroclastic flows have displaced over 4.5 km., and reached the river Lao Baurus on the west of the volcano.
According Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, data information manager and public Relations of BNPB, seven people were exposed to the clouds, three have died and four in critical condition, were evacuated. Victims Research continues.

May 22 , 2016. Sinabung , Indonésia :


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