Sinabung , Indonésie : the activity clearly decreased .

Sinabung , Indonésie : the activity clearly decreased .


New fresh from the Sinabung:

In the context of observations of the eruption of Sinabung organized by 80 Jours Voyage with volcanologist Jacques-Marie Bardintzeff, Sylvain Chermette accompanying the group sends us some news:

In recent days the volcano was significantly in the clouds, which limited the observations. Moreover the activity clearly decreased compared to the end of June, with an average of 1 /3 pyroclastic flows per day and many landslides (not really observable). The flows are directed either on the south side, or on the southeast side and travel an average distance of 2 to 3 km on the flanks of the volcano.

We took advantage of the cloud cover on 14/07 to go discuss on the level of activity of the volcano with the responsible of the Sinabung volcano observatory. It is there that seismographs have confirmed the activity level above.

The aftermath (15/07 & 16/07), the much better visibility allowed us to observe a pyroclastic flow / day. A show that everyone appreciated at its true value after several hours of waiting! With more, the observation of a hundred avalanches / landslides per day when the summit is reached.

July 17, 2015. Sinabung , Indonésie :

Source : Sylvain Chermette / 80 jours voyage.

Photos : Sylvain Chermette.

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