Soputan , Indonesia : a high column eruption reached about 6.5 km.

Soputan , Indonesia : a high column eruption reached about 6.5 km.

Based on visual observation of the main crater of Soputan, it was observed white smoke emission, low to medium, approximately 20-100 m above the peak of G. Soputan. Photos taken in the last two days have shown an increase in the thickness of the smoke that went from white to light gray with a height of 300 m above the Soputan. The image acquired by the thermal camera showed an incandescent, giving strong indications of an increase in the arrival of liquid magma to the surface.

Seismicity indicates an increase in quake swarms (HB) earthquakes and avalanches in recent months. On January 4, 2016, the number of avalanches and seismic swarms increased significantly, indicating an increase in the arrival of magma to the surface. Meanwhile, during the last week, the number of recorded volcanic earthquakes oscillated between 2-3 events per day.

The calculation of the seismic amplitude (RSAM) showed a significant increase, particularly in the period of the past 12 hours. Dominant frequency data of seismicity of Soputan indicates an increase in high frequency seismicity that can reflect the fracture processes of volcanic rocks beneath the volcano. The tilt measurement data (slope), showed no significant change and indicate the presence of bubbles under the Soputan volcano.


The results of the visual observation data analysis, seismic and deformation (inclinometer) all indicate a sizeable increase in volcanic activity, so that, from January 4, 2016 at 18:00, the levels ‘activity of Soputan is relieved from Waspada (level II) to Siaga (Level III).
If there is a change (increase / decrease) significantly in the volcanic activity of Soputan, the level of activity will be evaluated again to be adjusted to the level of the threat.

January 05, 2016 :

Volcanic ash emitted by the Soputan in Minahasa region of Southeast and South Minahasa worried residents who are beginning to feel their effects.

« Since early morning, residents in the village of Raringis and Noongan are concerned about cleaning the tin roofs of their homes. Crops have been affected by the ash from the Soputan« , said the residents.

The two villages are located in the district of West Langowan, Minahasa. The ash falls have also reached Kanonang.
The Soputan has again experienced an eruption Tuesday morning around 6:38 p.m. with high column eruption reached about 6.5 km. The wind direction during the eruption was at Southwest.
The eruption was accompanied by pyroclastic clouds over a distance of about 2.5 km to the south .

January 05 , 2016. Soputan , Indonesia :

Source : VSI

Photos : Vsi , Kompas

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