Soputan , Indonesia : A large explosive eruption was reported .

Soputan , Indonesia : A large  explosive eruption was reported .

A larger explosive eruption was reported to have occurred about two hours ago (10:15 UTC). At 11:45 UTC, Darwin VAAC issued alerts to aviation about an ash plume that had risen to estimated 23,000 ft (7 km) altitude and has been drifting NW. Aviation color code was immediately raised to RED.

According to a local newspaper article, there were two eruptions today: a presumably smaller one (which did not cause any alerts) in the morning at 10:00, and a « terrific » eruption at 18:15 local time (or 10:15 GMT), which sent a large ash plume into the sky. Ash fall was reported from the areas at the feet of the volcano, but there seems not to have been any damage reported.

TRIBUN MANADO.CO.ID, Manado: The Soputan emits volcanic material, on Saturday (02/06/2016).
The volcano located on the border between South and North Minahasa district recorded two eruptions of hot clouds and volcanic ash.

Information obtained through local resident Robby Liando, from Molompar village in the Eastern District of Tombatu, Southeast Minahasa, note that have produced two eruptions, at 10.00 am and terrible bursts at 18:15 pm.
« We are at the foot of Mount Soputan. Ash are entered in the house. » Robby said.
In addition, Robby plans to evacuate. « Sure, I’ll have to evacuate if the eruption increases. We will have to anticipate.«

February 07 , 2016. Soputan , Indonesia :

Sources : Volcanodiscovery , Tribunmanado .

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