Soputan, Indonésia : seven districts affected .

Soputan, Indonésia : seven districts affected .

Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Southeast Minahasa Regency admit they are having trouble cleaning up the volcanic ash from Mount Soputan, after the eruption on Saturday (6/2), because the affected area is so extensive.
« We are currently removing the volcanic ash especially in residential areas, affecting residents in seven districts, » said Chief BPBDs Southeast Minahasa , Erick Manaroinsong.
The seven sub-districts Tombatu, District of North Tombatu, District East Tombatu, District Pasan, District Ratahan, District Belang, and Ratatotok. « It is spreading more widely than the eruption that occurred at the beginning of this year, because now we have seven districts affected, » he said.

Meanwhile, a number of citizens affected by the volcanic ash began to perform environmental cleaning to their homes. « Since the morning we been removing and cleaning the ash that exists at home, our area has become thicker since last night, » said Rommy Mewengkang, East Tombatu citizens.

He said that until now, the affected part of the area was hit by the volcanic ash. « The raining of ash is ongoing. because the activity of the volcano is still going to put out hot clouds, rising into the sky along with the volcanic ash, » he said.

Erick added, related to the eruption, the BPBD also establishes the emergency alert status of Mount Soputan eruption. « It is still in a state of emergency since the eruption of Mount Soputan that occurred January 4 last, » he said.

Based on the data obtained, the activity of Mount Soputan occurred since Saturday (6/2) at 04:00 pm, marked the seismicity and the rumbling sounds of the mountain crater. The first eruption occurred at 14:37 pm, with hot clouds. at 20:00 pm an eruption with lava in both the north and east of the summit of the mountain, while a burst of volcanic ash led to the southeast of the mountain.

February 08, 2016. Soputan, Indonésia :

Sources : Skala news , NASIONAL REPUBLIKA.

Photos : Skala , Reuters .

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