Volcanoes,winds and global warming

Volcanoes,winds and global warming

In a report published on February 9th via the online edition of Nature Climate Change, the researchers argue that the climate may not be as easily altered by rising CO2 levels as climate models suggest. However, they concede that one or two decades of relatively stable, or even cooling, surface temperatures don’t represent the long-term trends over which global warming is occurring.

According to the team, the first cause of the so-called “hiatus” lies with the volcanoes. Said one MIT climate scientist: “Looking at the past decade’s volcanic eruptions, I don’t think they can be left out as not being significant.”

Looking at the graphs released by the Mauna Loa Observatory since 1950s, especially those related to the troposphere, there does not seem to be any significant cooling trend.

Source : C. Grandpey – Photo S. Chermette

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